Angling Legend Stu Apte Fishes Yampa TailWaters Preserve

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Come fish with us on the Yampa TailWaters Preserve!

Fly fishing legend Stu Apte enjoyed sensational dry fly fishing last week on the Live Water Properties listing Yampa Tailwaters Preserve in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  While Stu is most widely recognized for his success chasing tarpon in the Florida Keys, he still enjoys the peaceful respite and grand splendor of site-casting to eager rainbows in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

This Hall of Fame angler has several dozen world records to his credit with a 58-pound dolphin caught in 1964 and a 136-pound Pacific sailfish caught in 1965, both on 12-pound tippets.  Apte tell these and other fish stories in the book Of Wind and Tides, an autobiography recounting friendships and fishing trips with other legendary anglers, including baseball great Ted Williams.  In 1967, Apte made history again when he became the first person to catch a tarpon over 150 pounds on a fly.  In 1982, Apte set two tarpon records in one day, one in the morning and one after lunch.

Apte says, “You don’t need to spend a lot of money to catch fish on a fly rod, that’s not it.”  Then what does it take?  “Speed and accuracy,” he said. “That’s it…and plenty of practice.”

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