The Alpine Triangle

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High in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains lies the Alpine Triangle, a Bureau of Land Management parcel of high-quality fish and game habitat that stands exposed to future hard-rock mining. While mining definitely has a cultural place in Colorado’s history, TU believes the Alpine Triangle–a recreational destination for sportsmen, hikers, off-road vehicle enthusiasts, mountain bikers and others–is too special and too economically valuable in the long-term, to once again expose to the problems that accompany mining in this headwaters region.

Ty Churchwell, a field coordinator based in Durango, Colo., is leading the campaign, and he’s already reaching out to regional sportsmen and women, elected officials, agency personnel and others who value this high-country paradise just as it is. To learn more about the campaign, view the SCP’s latest video on the topic, or get in touch with Churchwell at

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